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What is a gun cleaning mat and how does it work?

A gun cleaning mat is like a cozy bed for your firearm while you're givin' it some TLC. It's a protective surface with a soft, cushioned top layer and a non-slip bottom that keeps your gun from scratching' up your workbench and vice versa (it also protects your working surface from spills). Some mats, like our Falko Tactical Builder's mats, even have detailed diagrams of your firearm to help you keep track of all those lil' parts, give you a visual reference of where each part fit and also provides dis-assembly and lubrication instructions.

why use a gun cleaning mat?

Using' a gun cleaning mat comes with a bunch of benefits that'll make your life easier when it's time to clean and maintain your firearm. Here's why you'd wanna use one:

  • Protects your work surface from scratches, dings, and solvent spills.
  • Keeps your firearm safe from damage, thanks to the cushioned mat.
  • Helps you stay organized with all the parts and tools you'll be workin' with.
  • Provides a detailed, labeled diagram of your gun, so you know exactly what goes where.
  • Makes the whole cleanin' process more enjoyable, efficient, and downright fun!

So, grab yourself a mat and see the difference it makes in your maintenance game

Can I use any mat for cleaning my firearm?

You could try using any ol' mat – maybe swipe your wife's yoga mat or lay out some newspaper – but let's be honest, ain't nothin' quite like a proper gun cleanin' mat. It's designed with your firearm's needs in mind, from cushioned protection to oil and solvent resistance. Plus, sportin' a Falko Tactical mat adds some serious workbench swag and shows you mean business when it comes to takin' care of your firearms.

what is the best thing to clean my gun?

When it comes to cleaning your gun, the best thing is to use a combination of the right tools and solvents to get the job done effectively. Here's what we recommend:

  1. A quality gun cleaner or solvent: This'll help remove fouling, powder residue, and other gunk that builds up in your firearm.
  2. A good gun lubricant: After cleaning, you'll wanna apply lubricant to keep things moving smoothly and prevent wear and tear.
  3. A bore brush and cleaning rod: These tools help clean the barrel of your gun, ensuring accuracy and proper function.
  4. A set of cleaning patches: Use these to wipe down your gun parts and remove any leftover dirt or residue.
  5. A Falko cleaning mat: This keeps your work area organized and protects both your firearm and work surface during maintenance.

Having the right combo of tools and cleaning products makes all the difference in keeping' your gun in tip-top shape!

should i clean my gun after every use?

It's generally a good idea to give your gun a quick clean after every use, even if it's just a few shots. This helps keep it in peak condition and ensures reliability, accuracy, and longevity. Plus, regular cleanin' helps you spot any potential issues early, so you can address 'em before they turn into bigger problems.

Now, some folks might argue that cleanin' after every use is overkill, but I say it's better to be safe than sorry. After all, a well-maintained firearm is a happy firearm, and that means a happy shooter!

can you clean a gun with a rag?

Technically, you could clean a gun with just a rag, but that's like tryin' to win a race with a horse that's missing a shoe – it might work, but it ain't the best idea. Rags can help you wipe down the exterior and get rid of any dirt or debris, but they won't give you that deep clean your gun deserves.

To really treat your firearm right, you'll wanna invest in some proper cleanin' tools like a bore brush, a jag, and cleanin' patches. And don't forget the cleanin' solvent, gun oil and a mat to protect your workbench from spills. With the right tools and supplies, you'll be able to give your gun the TLC it needs to stay in tip-top shape.